Takuya Hosogane MotionReel 2011

A reel difference.  I'm a sucker for good solid keyframed animation and Takuya's Showreel possess it in adbundance. It's interestingly setup with shots of him using AE's graph editor (which he's clearly mastered), scrolling on an ipad and animating and rendering within a 3D software.  It's clever and quick way to summarise his skill set and immediatley helps the showreel standout. Then the fruits of his labour are displayed, chopped up into a cohesive mashup supported by a perfectly suited electronic sythesised track. It's a joy to behold.

Make It Better

It's not often I find myself at home on Friday night.  So I've decided to use it semi-wisely.  The semi wasting sereval hours with my addiction the 'The Wire'.  

Came across 'Make It Better' by Climent Canal & Sebastián Baptista.  A beautiful piece of design and animation that challenges you to look at your work and do exactly that.  Make it Better.  It's already recieved over 2,000 likes on Vimeo and praise from many including Jr Canest who I consider to be an AE animation pro.


Cyraik - Eskmo 'We Got More'

Eskmo recently released the video 'We Got More' in January 2011. It was created by Cyriak, an animator based in Brighton.  It's a great example of a music video made on a budget which manages to keep you interested and intrigued for the duration.  The video leaves you hypnotised watching the repetitive movement of the city and it's citizens which is perfectly suited to the music track.  The video, as explained on his site, was made using 'a short piece of video footage I had lying around.' Brilliant.